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Do you dream of protecting and serving the family and community you love? Have you always aspired to a career in the legal system? Do you want to become an important part of the community? With an Associate in Specialized Business degree in the field of Criminal Justice, you’ll be ready for the career you’ve always wanted.

At McCann, you can earn your Associate in Specialized Business degree in Criminal Justice and start your career in as little as 18 months. We designed our Criminal Justice program to provide you with hands-on learning experiences that will set you apart from other job candidates.

McCann has helped many students from the Bastrop, Ruston, Winnsboro, Calhoun, Farmerville and Rayville areas of Louisiana get started in successful careers.

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What You’ll Learn during Your Criminal Justice Training

In our Criminal Justice program you’ll learn how to do important work in the American justice system. You’ll learn how to put your skills and knowledge to good use, helping those in need, when you enroll in classes like:

Introduction to Corrections: This course addresses the structure, principles, organization, administration and operations of jails, prisons, probation and parole. This will include taking an in-depth look at various correctional programming to help rehabilitate the offender, the history behind the U.S. correctional system and the juvenile correctional system.

Contemporary Issues in Criminal Justice: In this course, students will observe the principle issues in contemporary criminal justices as well as the future predictions. Students will focus on the three components of criminal justice, court, police and corrections: past, present and future. The students will also participate in analytical review and discussion at the local, state, federal and global levels of the criminal justice system.

Juvenile Justice: This course explores the evolution and development of the juvenile justice system. Juvenile delinquent behavior, theory, cause and prevention are examined. Biological, psychological and sociological factors are considered as cases of juvenile crime are viewed from the perspective of the juvenile justice system and its current practices.

Criminal Justice students at McCann School of Business & Technology also receive hands-on training through externships where you’ll be able to apply your knowledge in the real world. For more information, download our Course Catalog.

See How You Can Find a Career in Criminal Justice

The skills and knowledge you’ll gain in the Criminal Justice program will be in high demand when you graduate. With your new qualifications, you’ll be prepared for careers such as:

  • Court Clerk: Court Clerks work closely with judges, lawyers and paralegals, keeping everything running smoothly in the everyday operations of the courtroom.
  • Security Guard: In your role as Security Guard, you’ll be on the front lines of crime prevention. You’ll be able to provide a sense of safety for those you serve, whether you choose to work for a local business or in private security.
  • Correctional Officer and Jailer: As a Correctional Officer and Jailer, you will be responsible for maintaining order in the prison system. You’ll be the one society looks to for preserving its safety.

*Note: This program is not intended to meet state requirements for a law enforcement officer or police officer.

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