Start a Career in Medicine with Surgical Technology Training in Monroe, LA

Do you stay calm in emergencies? Are you ready to work in a fast-paced medical environment? If so, you may be interested in a career as a Surgical Technologist working alongside surgeons in the operating room. Earn an Associate in Occupational Studies degree through the Surgical Technology program at McCann and start your career in healthcare in as little as 18 months.

Our campus in Monroe, LA serves students in the surrounding areas of Bastrop, Ruston, Winnsboro, Calhoun, Farmerville and Rayville. Become a valuable member of the healthcare team and train to become a Surgical Technologist at McCann.


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Surgical Technology Training at McCann

The Surgical Technology program at McCann includes classroom lectures, time in the lab and a clinical externship in a real healthcare facility. Courses you’ll take over the course of your program include:

  • Microbiology: This course covers a variety of topics in microbiology as they relate to the care of patients and protection against infectious diseases, including classification of organisms, parasitology, biotechnology and infection control.
  • Surgical Orientation: This introductory course provides an orientation for students to the history of surgical technology, the surgical team members, hospital management, and the physical aspects of the operating room. Basic patient care concepts and issues concerning ethical, moral, and legal responsibilities are addressed. Classroom instruction and field trips to affiliate hospital facilities introduce students to the surgical technology field.
  • Surgical Principles: Students are introduced to disinfection, decontamination and sterilization standards and practices in the operating room setting. Primary course topics include basic patient care, aseptic technique, preoperative routines such as transporting, transferring and positioning the patient, instrumentation, surgical preparation, draping, urinary catheterization and other surgical support measures related to the care of the surgical patient.

Students will also have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning in a hands-on externship. For more information on required courses and externship opportunities, download the Course Catalog.

A Rewarding Career as a Surgical Technology

Careers in healthcare are in-demand. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the need for Surgical Technicians to grow 15% by the year 2024.* By training to become a Surgical Technologist at McCann, you’re setting yourself up for success with a stable job in a growing field.

Surgical Technologist
Surgical Technologists play a vital role alongside surgeons and nurses in the operating room. They are responsible for assisting during operations by preparing operating rooms and patients before a surgery, passing sterile instruments and equipment during surgeries, and providing patient care post-op. By making sure the surgery runs smoothly and efficiently, Surgical Technicians do their part to ensure patients have successful post operative outcomes.

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