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Do you dream of protecting and serving the people in your life? Can you picture yourself as part of the legal system? Are you eager to become an important part of the community? If you answered yes to these questions, then McCann - Monroe, LA can offer you the perfect way to achieve your career goals in our online Criminal Justice program.

You, like many other McCann - Monroe, LA students, could earn your Associate in Occupational Studies degree in Criminal Justice in as little as 18 months. You will graduate with knowledge and experience that could help you stand out from other job applicants.


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Why Choose McCann - Monroe, LA for Online Criminal Justice Courses

By earning your Associate in Occupational Studies degree in Criminal Justice at McCann - Monroe, LA, you’ll learn how to play an important role in the American justice system. You’ll use your knowledge and skills to help those in need and bring criminals to justice. Some of the courses you’ll take in our Criminal Justice program include:

  • Introduction to Law Enforcement: This course will study America’s history of law enforcement to present-day operations. The course covers the creation of law enforcement in America, the evolution of training, the role of law enforcement officials in society, common operating policies and procedures, modern-day challenges for law enforcement professionals, organizational components and processes, the administration of justice and the overall health and well-being of law enforcement professionals.
  • Fundamentals of Criminal Law and Procedures: This comprehensive course, covering both substantive criminal law and criminal procedures, examines crimes against persons, property and the public, as well as the law enforcement and justice system proceedings that follow. A specific segment on this topic includes the state’s criminal law and procedure statutes.
  • Communications for Criminal Justice Professionals: This course is an introduction to written communication for the criminal justice professional. Students are introduced to the various forms and reports encountered by criminal justice practitioners. Emphasis is placed on sentence and paragraph structure, organization, content, and clarity along with the use of proper spelling and grammar. Note taking, report writing and preparing search and arrest warrants and warrant affidavits are examined.

Taking online Criminal Justice courses still allows you the individualized attention needed to succeed academically. At McCann - Monroe, LA, we offer advising and tutoring services to online students at no extra charge. To learn more about our online classes, download our Course Catalog.

Careers in Criminal Justice

When you graduate with an Associate in Occupational Studies degree in Criminal Justice, you’ll have valuable skills that will help you find a job you’ll love. You’ll be able to pursue opportunities in careers like:

Court Clerk
Court Clerks work closely with judges, lawyers, and paralegals on the everyday minutiae of the courtroom. Your fellow professionals will rely on you to keep things running smoothly.

Correctional Officer and Jailer
As a Correctional Officer and Jailer, your responsibility will be to maintain order in the prison system. You may also transport inmates to and from the courtroom and inspect cells for illegal contraband.

Security Guard
Security Guards are the front line of crime prevention. Whether you decide to work for a local business or in private security, you’ll be responsible for keeping the public safe by preventing crimes such as arson and theft. Those you serve will value the safe working environment you provide.

*Note: This program is not intended to meet state requirements for a law enforcement officer or police officer.

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