Career Assistance

McCann School of Business & Technology offers students and graduates access to many different resources geared to helping them find the right job. Throughout your training, you will be establishing your own professional identity that you can show potential employers when you graduate. 

Having access to Career Assistance doesn’t end once you graduate. You can come back to McCann to get help with your resume, practice your interview skills and attend course refreshers. We understand that the average worker changes his or her job several times throughout their career, and we will be there for you whether you’re looking for a different job or you’re up for a promotion.


As part of most programs, you will be placed in an externship, which is designed to give you hands-on training and real-life work experience. You will work with your Program Director and an Externship Coordinator to determine the best fit for you.

This real-life experience will also look great on your résumé to show employers you already have the skills they are looking for in an employee. Not only will you gain valuable knowledge during your externship, but also important relationships you can carry with you throughout your career. Click here to learn more about externships

Course Refreshers

At McCann, we understand how important it is to keep up-to-date on industry trends, technology and skills. That is why as part of Career Assistance you have the opportunity to come back and take refresher courses. You can audit any course you took while attending McCann to help you brush up on skills you don’t use on a regular basis while also learning new information and techniques.  

Career Portfolio

Need help pulling your portfolio together? We are here to help you do just that. Whether you are a current student or a graduate from McCann, we will help you build your Career Portfolio. Employers seek individuals with strong portfolios because they show employers:

  1. You have the knowledge and the skills needed for the job, and
  2. Your commitment to your education so much that you want to present your achievement professionally. It shows you care.

Even after you graduate, you can meet with a member of our Career Services team to help update your Career Portfolio with all of the achievements you’ve been able to accumulate since you left McCann.

Career Management Workshops

You have gained all the necessary skills and know how to apply your knowledge in the workplace. But, it is now time to get a job. With our Career Management Workshops, you will be able to develop a strong resume and practice your interviewing skills.

Whether it’s your first interview after you graduate or it’s your first interview after 10 years of working, you can come to one of our Career Management Workshops to know how to present yourself in person and on paper. 

At McCann School of Business & Technology, we hold regular Career Management Workshops that all of our students and alumni can attend to start a new career or advance in their current career path. For information on the next round of Career Management Workshops, please call 866.865.8065 or fill out the form to the right to learn more about our programs.