McCann’s Externship Courses

One of the most effective ways that you can get a job after graduation is to show a potential employer that you not only completed the courses required for the job, but that you have related work experience as well. At McCann, many of our programs include an externship where you can get the hands-on practice and real-world work experience employers value. 

Why Do I Need to Complete an Externship?

Externships are a requirement for completion of many of our programs and give you the opportunity to spend time with an experienced professional in a work setting. This will allow you to gain hands-on training and real-life experiences needed to succeed in your career. Towards the end of your career training, you’ll be paired with a local business or organization where you can practice your skills in a low-risk environment. Your Externship Supervisor will help reinforce what you learned in class, while teaching you new skills. They will also meet with your Externship Coordinator to discuss your progress and determine if you need extra instruction. 

Not every student learns the same way. Many students are active learners and need a hands-on approach to learning. Externships provide you with the opportunity to get the hands-on training and individualized attention you need.


What Kind of Externship Courses Does McCann Offer?

McCann first opened its doors over a century ago in 1897, and since then we have dedicated our time to finding and cultivating relationships with local businesses and organizations. We value the importance of hands-on training and an active learning style, which is why we’ve spent so much time and effort building externship opportunities for our students.

Below are just a few examples of the types of externships you may have depending on your program:

  • Medical Externships: If you enter one of our Healthcare programs, you may have a medical externship in a hospital, doctor’s office or a rehabilitation center. You’ll be able to take the skills you applied in your lab classes and apply them in the work place.

  • Criminal Justice Externships: If you enter one of our Legal & Protective Services programs, you may find yourself working in a courthouse, a police station or even a prison. You’ll be able to see firsthand how your skills contribute to society.

  • Massage Therapy Clinics: If you’re entering one of the Beauty and Wellness programs, then you will get hands-on experience in one of McCann’s spas. There, you’ll learn how to interact with clients while getting feedback on your massage techniques.  

It doesn't matter which program you choose, you can enter it with the confidence and peace of mind knowing you’ll leave with something to show employers: on the job experience. 

How Does an Externship Work?

When it comes time to begin the externship portion of your career training, you will meet with our Externship Coordinator. At this point, you will have gained considerable knowledge and skills from your lectures and lab courses. Together you and the Externship Coordinator will decide on the best placement for your externship. 

Once you are placed, every week you will submit a report on your attendance, activities and learning. At the externship site, you will have a supervisor who will provide feedback on your performance two times during your externship: at the midpoint and the end. 

At some point during your externship, the McCann Externship Coordinator will make a planned visit to your externship site where they will provide feedback. In some cases, they may visit twice.  

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