Success Stories

At McCann School of Business & Technology, we dedicate ourselves to your success. We want to make sure that each one of our students gets the education and experience needed to start a new career. 

We’ve been helping people find new career paths for more than a century, but don’t just take our word for it. Read more about Vita Failla's McCann experiences below.

Vita Failla - Senior at McCann School of Business & Technology, Business Administration Major

Why did you choose McCann? I chose McCann because I was interested in opening a new chapter in my life. The representative from McCann was very positive, answered all my questions and  doubts and made me feel like I could really do this. His motivation got me. He gave me a campus tour and introduced me to staff and teachers. I was excited about the opportunity!

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I definitely see myself managing my own 24-hour day care business in 10 years. I want to help working parents to be able to have a place that they can confidently leave their kids at while they work, no matter what shift they have.

What/who motivates you to excel as a student? My parents motivate me. I am truly blessed to have such loving parents who stand by my decision and make it possible for me to succeed. My son is my biggest motivation. I want to make him proud of me and serve as an example that nothing is impossible and that it’s never too late to push yourself to succeed. Also the teachers here motivate me every day because they push you to achieve and not give up.

What’s the most significant lesson you’ve learned as a college student? The most significant lesson I’ve learned as a college student is that nothing is going to be handed to me without hard work and determination. With those two attributes, the sky is the limit.

Pinpoint a moment as a college student when you felt like all of the hard work and time was entirely worth it. The moment I received my Dean’s List award, that feeling of accomplishment was amazing. No matter how hard that semester was, it was all worth it. The feeling that I will have the day I receive my diploma will be indescribable.

Finding Futures and Building Careers

Since 1897, McCann has been helping students like you find a new career. In that time, we’ve built relationships with people, businesses, and organizations in order to help you find the perfect job. 

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