Start Your Path to a New Career with Our Beauty Courses

At McCann, we understand that not everyone wants to work in an office. Some people prefer more hands-on jobs that don't require them to sit at a computer all day. You can find yourself in a new career if you pursue McCann's Beauty & Wellness classes.

If you like being around people and helping them improve their wellness, then the Massage Therapy program is the perfect fit for you. You can take your skills anywhere from the local spa to exotic reaches of the world as a Massage Therapist or even in a salon or beauty parlor.

Massage Therapy
When you enroll in McCann’s Massage Therapy program, you’re on your way to a career in an exciting field. Whether you choose to use your Massage Therapy training to work on a cruise ship, or choose to stay in the Pennsylvania area at a spa, all you’ll need to bring is your hands. Learn more about our Message Therapy programs by selecting a campus below.