Your Tools for Success after Graduation

At McCann, just because you’ve graduated doesn’t mean your benefits have ended! After graduation, you still have access to Career Services. Whether you are looking for a new job or want to advance in your current position, we are here to help you succeed.

Career Tools

When you graduated, you left with a career portfolio that shows off your accomplishments while at McCann. As you succeed in your new career, you will learn real-life skills, expand your experience, receive letters of recommendation, and gain new work samples. With the help of our Career Services, we’ll not only help you refresh your resume but your Career Portfolio as well.

You will also have access to our career readiness workshops and refresher courses. You can attend these workshops and classes to get up-to-date information and learn new techniques.  You will also get up to speed on industry trends. Staying current is essential in today’s workplace. 


Through the relationships you build while at McCann, you are able to begin building a network of professional contacts. As you continue on, that network will only get bigger. With the help of the McCann Alumni Association, that professional network can become even larger. When you graduate and become a member you will join other professionals in many different fields.

You can show your school pride by joining McCann’s Alumni Association today. When you join the McCann Alumni Association, you receive the following:

  • Exclusive access to our Career Services
  • Employer news
  • Updates about upcoming events, alumni programs and more

Click here to enroll in McCann’s Alumni Association.

For more information about how you can utilize these resources, call us at 866.865.8065 or visit our alumni site.