McCann’s Career Training Programs Can Help Prepare You for an Exciting New Career 

There are many different career, vocational training programs to choose from. So what makes McCann School of Business & Technology the right choice for you? We set ourselves apart from the other educational programs because we have industry-experienced instructors, flexible program options, Career Assistance and so much more. 

We strive to make sure every student gets the resources and support they need to succeed. From application and financial aid help to career assistance, we’ll provide you with everything you need to reach your career goals.

Training From Industry-Experienced Instructors

Vocational training requires more than just textbooks and tools. It takes dedicated instructors who not only know the course material, but how to apply it in the workplace. Our instructors are industry-experienced and are dedicated to helping you learn everything you need to know.  

Flexible Program Options

Whether you are going to school to earn your Associate degree (LA) or AST/ASB degree (PA), we have a vocational program that will fit your career plans and your schedule. We understand that many of our students have jobs and families, making daytime courses impossible to attend. That’s why we offer day and evening courses. With our flexible program options, students can learn and attend classes at times that are convenient to them. 

Career Assistance

Most technical schools simply teach students the skills needed to do a specific job. Graduates of those schools are left to find jobs on their own, without any guidance or support. At McCann, we understand the job market can be tough to enter. To make it easier on our graduates, we provide resume writing, guidance, practice interviews, job leads and other resources to help them find jobs that are in tune with their larger career and life goals. 

Affordable Financial Aid Options

The thought of paying school tuition intimidates many students and keeps some from pursuing their dreams. Tuition is expensive at many schools. At McCann we work to make our training programs as affordable as possible. 

We believe every student deserves quality career training and development programs. You shouldn’t have to be rich to start the career you’ve always wanted. To make sure every student can afford a quality career education, we provide multiple financial aid options to make school affordable. Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.

Our Financial Services Representatives are trained to help you discover ways to pay for your education. Whether you use loans, scholarships, or grants, we’ll help you get the funding you need to get the career you want. We even offer advice on how to manage and build your credit while you’re in school, so give us a call today or use our net price calculator to learn just how affordable McCann can be.

McCann Has Several Convenient Locations

We started in 1897 with just one campus. Now we have three convenient locations. If you live in Harrisburg, PA; Scranton, PA; Monroe, LA; or the surrounding areas, we have campuses and vocational training programs to help you get the education you need to start or advance in your current career. We’re located in:

Wherever you are, we are close. Call our Admissions Representatives or schedule a tour of one of our campuses. 

The Path to Success is Just a Phone Call Away!

McCann School of Business & Technology offers career, vocational training programs in both Pennsylvania and Louisiana. We provide our students with everything they need to find the right career path and hit the ground running. 

If you are ready to take the next step towards a better, higher paying career, and a better life, speak with one of our Admissions Representatives. Call us at 866.865.8065 to click here to request more information